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From Book Two

Suited For War

Nearly half of chapter one is provided below, starting at the beginning of the chapter. Likewise, about a third of chapter two is provided, also from the beginning.

The chapter three excerpt is a small selection from the ending. There are seven chapters in all and an afterword.

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Suited For War

From Chapter 1

Blue Thunder

[segment from start of chapter]

I had perched myself high on a rocky finger of land jutting out into the serene Caribbean blue. Before me, beyond a cliff-like drop-off, rough brown boulders protruded massively from the sea, skirted in weeds that swayed in the gentle rhythm of the swells. Other rocks were barely visible just below the tide, as if a head of brown seaweed-hair were struggling to emerge from the depths. A screech of gulls circled above the stone giants.

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From Chapter 3

Cultural Affairs

[segment from start of chapter]

I awoke from a comfortable doze seven miles above the Atlantic, the first class flight jetting faster than sound through a deepening gradient of twilight blue. The sun was setting behind us, glimmering orange on the silver wing. I was meeting Hetty in Dubai.

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From Chapter 5

Stretch Your Mind Some

[segment from end of chapter]

She mused in solemn silence before the candle flame.

"How many crimes of war would you guess are afoot in the world, well outside the Old Man's purview, never mind the media's? Hundreds, thousands—more? Each day a million little acts of war? With which weapon does crime become war, war become crime? Whose blood is the boundary between collateral death and genocide? A gruesome boil has been lanced in the news by desperate jihadi, and little more."

The silence grew heavy. Outside my glass doors a cloudy sky was lightening the sea in a new day.

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I like that line . . .

"I confess I despair of humankind to hear a working woman declare herself for the Republican party."

"I revved and popped her in gear, leaving a long squealing burn to match my inner friction."

"The sun had come down on my Forever Sunday Island."

"With a slough of the skin, like a snake in its season, I’d wriggle out of the whole shebang."

"As a practical matter, I am overqualified for the idle stardom job.”

"Everything was a Green Con product, from the soil in the tree pots to the walls and levees holding the sea back from flooding the lower island."

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